DNC Newsletter - May 2018



May 2018 

Compliance with GDPR - what it means for .nz

The GDPR became enforceable on 25 May 2018. 

The .nz domain name space is affected because anyone in the world can own a .nz domain name. 

The main change we implemented was to update all the .nz authorised agreements and materials to enhance our privacy compliance framework.  
Thank you to all .nz Registrars who re-signed their agreements. 

To find out more about our approach to privacy you can read our guest post in InternetNZ’s website.

The Domain Name Commission has undergone a brand refresh, which we were proud to launch on 27 April, aligning the organisation’s visual identity with its vision of enabling and growing a trusted and distinctive online presence.

Read the media release explaining the rationale for the change.

Privacy Awareness Week 2018

To celebrate Privacy Awareness Week, the Privacy Commissioner, John Edwards and the Domain Name Commissioner, Brent Carey and their teams jointly developed guidance on privacy and domains. The factsheet aims to foster greater awareness of good privacy practices in the .nz domain name space.

The document gives individuals with .nz domain names some practical tips on how to manage their personal information during the life cycle of their .nz domain name registration. The factsheet is  available to download on the DNC website. 

.nz Registrar Conference 2018

The Commissioner addressed the .nz Registrar Conference on 3 May. The Commissioner looked back on the last 12 months in the .nz space, covered what he was aiming to do in his role as the 100-day mark of his tenure approached and addressed the direction the Commission was taking in dealing with the introduction of GDPR, among other subjects. The speech is available to read on the DNC website.

Registrar Advisory Group meeting

A Registrar Advisory Group (RAG) meeting was held in May, with privacy as a key focus.  The RAG discussed how GDPR affected .nz Registrars, and the implementation of the .nz Individual Registrant Privacy Option, and changes to Port 43.

How registrars manage resellers of .nz domain names was discussed, as these are a key player in the .nz space.

Zone updates were discussed, with Registrars preferring an increase in frequency. The InternetNZ Registry has worked on this and moved pushes from the SRS to its authoritative DNS servers from hourly, to every 15 minutes.

The RAG has decided to move to quarterly meetings, to better engage Registrars.

DNC celebrates Techweek with all things geek!

To celebrate Techweek and Geek Pride Day, The DNC worked with the Research team from InternetNZ to delve into the .geek.nz namespace and explore what .nz geeks get up to in their NZ online home. You can check out the guest blog on the InternetNZ website.

The story was also picked up by ComputerWorld and RNZ

.nz domains at the second level

Did you ever wonder how the New Zealand experience of opening up our second level domain name space was travelling? Our past and current Commissioners recently shared their experiences of second level domain registrations through a blog post on DNS Africa.

Welcome to the team!

We have appointed Ashley Raki to the role of Enquiry Officer.  Ashley will be the new voice of the Commission replying to phone and email enquiries. Ashley starts on 13 June – we can’t wait to have her on board.


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