DNC Newsletter November 2020



November 2020 

Message from the Commissioner

Kia ora, 

This week is National Privacy week which is a time to promote privacy awareness and to inform people of their rights under the Privacy Act.

We’ve joined the first day of celebrations by publishing a new blog about privacy and the .nz domain name space.

We’re also raising awareness of data privacy considerations which are currently being considered for the .nz domain name space. These will impact specific areas of the Commission’s work and the operation of the .nz domain name space. 

Other than privacy this month we have a number of updates to share with you about our outreach and engagement activities and our upcoming Shop Safe NZ campaign. There is also a technical message for registrants about fixing issues with their domain name records. 

Happy Privacy week

Ngā mihi

Brent Carey 

Updates from the team
Have you met our chatbot Any?
Check out our Any chatbot explainer video to find out more.

Reach out to us if your organisation is thinking about implementing your own chatbot. We’d be glad to share our experience.

New website coming soon 
Speaking of online - we’re excited to start working on our new website with Christchurch-based website provider Media Suite. In a few months, we’ll have a modern accessible site. If there is something you’d like to see happen on our new site let us know on Twitter or email us [email protected]

.nz policy reform is coming
The .nz Advisory Panel has made 44 recommendations

The .nz Advisory Panel has made 44 recommendations to InternetNZ to reform the .nz domain name space over the next year. 

The recommendations from the .nz Advisory Panel include:

  • InternetNZ and the DNCL should develop a notification scheme with organisations that can be deemed “trusted”. (Recommendation 21)
  • Endorsement for the retention of the “rule of law” in the .nz policies (Recommendation 6) 
  • That all conflicted and self-conflicted domain names have a due date to be resolved by. (Recommendations 24 and 25) 
  • To improve the regulation of resellers by introducing a Reseller ID (Recommendation 38)
  • To adjust the policies to allow the creation of new second levels (Recommendation 44)

Privacy specific suggestions include a new primary purpose of collection of information and opt-out and web form mechanisms as a way to enhance privacy protection. 

Next steps:

InternetNZ and the Commission are currently considering the recommendations. In early 2021 all stakeholders will be asked for their feedback on redrafted .nz policies through a public consultation process. Subscribe to the policy email list to keep up to date with key dates. 

Shop Safe NZ campaign 
Next month we will again be running our annual #ShopSafeNZ campaign focussed on the custom built Fake Webshop website. In the coming weeks, we will be reaching out to previous supporters. Please email [email protected] if you would like to support the campaign which informs and educates consumers on safe shopping practices in the .nz domain name space.

Message for registrants - duplicate Glue Records need to be fixed to avoid issues. 

From early November, the registry SRS will reject any duplicate glue records. Also, a small subset who are used to using those nameservers will get an error if they try to apply them to other domains.

We’ve put together a notice on how to identify duplicate Glue records for registrants. 

Affected registrants should also expect to hear from their registrars who have been contacted by the Commission to assist with this fix request.

Outreach and engagement 
Stakeholder survey 

Together with InternetNZ we will be surveying businesses and consumers this month. We will be seeking feedback on levels of awareness of our services, frequency, and volume of contact, as well as levels of satisfaction. 

The Commission participated in ICANN69 which was run online over two weeks. Domain name abuse featured as part of plenary sessions. Various stakeholders shared
their ideas for proactive monitoring and reporting of domain name abuse issues. Some
of the ideas for reporting of the outcomes of abuse action are being considered as part
of the Commission’s new website build. 

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