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Options of engagment 

1. E-negotiation

Engage in e-negotiation.

This allows a series of bids to be entered and the parties are presented with a proposed figure to settle the dispute.

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2. Mediation

Engage in online mediation.

With the assistance of a third party neutral you get an opportunity to discuss wider issues including why you believe the domain name should belong to you.

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How Negotiation works

Through our e-negotiation tool you can negotiate with the other party and, if necessary, engage with a coach or mediator.

E-negotiation allows both parties to negotiate on an amount and see if an agreement can be reached. If no agreement is reached, parties can move forward to mediation. 

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How Mediation Works

In mediation, parties speak for themselves and work together to reach an agreement with help from a mediator. Mediation is a highly successful process and used in commercial jurisdictions throughout the world. To find out more about how mediation works,

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The Domain Name Commission has created interactive e-learning modules to assist pilot programme users. You can use this as a reference guide and access it on-the-go.

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Pilot FAQs

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Conflicted Names Process overview

The Conflicted Names Process (CNP) was created to give all parties that had a similar third-level domain name (such as and the same right to register the shorter version of their domain name

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