Interim Policy Consultation

PLEASE NOTE: This consultation closed at Midday 26 March 2018

InternetNZ has recently undertaken a review of the Group organisation structure including NZRS and DNCL.  This review has resulted in some changes which will be implemented in March 2018. One of the most significant impacts of the change regarding .nz will be that the Registry, NZRS, will be amalgamated into InternetNZ.

There will be no change to the .nz operations however the merger of NZRS and InternetNZ does mean some minor updates are required to the current .nz policies.  These changes include removing reference to NZRS and referring instead to “the Registry” and updating contact details. The proposed amendments have been marked up on copies of the interim policies.  These policies are as follows, with their corresponding links to the DNCL website:

Once a review of the interim policies has been completed these policies will be finalised. Comments are sought on whether these interim polices need amendments or can be finalised.

Submissions close midday Monday 26 March 2018. You can make submissions to or in writing to Domain Name Commission, Interim Policies Consultation, PO Box 11 881 Wellington, 6142, New Zealand. If mailing, please ensure your submission will be received by DNCL by midday, Monday 26 March 2018.

Submissions are published below as they are received, with the most recent at the top. If you wish for your submission to be published anonymously, please make a note in the email subject line.

Brent Carey
Acting Domain Name Commissioner