Gary Jensen

Received 16 March 2017

I strongly agree with Timo Reitnauer on his following statement and questions:

Making whois privacy only available for individuals and non-trading individuals puts small business owners operating from home at risk. .... It doesn’t make any sense to scare off business owners because that’s where the .NZ namespace has its biggest growth potential: about 70% of businesses still don’t have a website! As mentioned in my previous submission there are other country code top-level domains such as .UK who implemented full whois privacy for both individuals and companies. I would love to know why the Domain Name Commission is unable to implement same for .NZ domains?

I believe the introduction of this privacy option is a good start however the lack of inclusion of anyone in trade will remove too many individuals who have home office based businesses that need their home address and details protected.

As more small consultancy business come online, protecting their home office locations is important. Current examples that I know of where this is most important include mental health and family therapy consultancies which have home office based official addresses.