Aimee Whitcroft

Received 19 March 2017

I'm glad to see that the DNC has continued to consult and engage with the community around this issue.

I generally support the proposed changes: the ability for private individuals to withhold some details from the public registry, and a high bar for those requesting access to said information. 

However, I do have a concern around clause 8.3 in the draft policy changes. 

For many New Zealanders, there may not be a clear line between a "personal" and a "trade" site. Who will make that determination, and are they the right person/people to do so?

Furthermore, lots of New Zealanders who might be registering their "trade" website may be having to use their home address and details, which situation retains the doxxing issues mentioned in previous consultation responses. 

I can think of at least one potential mechanism which would allow people to look up the official company address of a business-owned site, while avoiding the situation(s) above.

Having had a read through of the proposed policy changes around divulging someone's withheld information: it looks reasonable on the surface, but I will be curious to see how the processes unfold in real situations. 

I am glad to see there will be regular reporting on this, but would like to see more information about how often, in which form/where and to what level of detail.

Thank you again for the opportunity to comment on this important issue. I look forward to seeing further submissions, your decision-making process, and your decision.