Scott Port 43 WHOIS Submission

Received: 6 December 2017

You recently requested submissions on what people used the port 43 WHOIS service for. I do not use the port 43 service for any kind of large scale requests but simply to determine 2 things things about domains of interest, usually ones identified as a source of unwanted activity.

1.    The owner of the domain if possible or at least some detail of where the domain is registered to understand any patterns.
2.    An admin or technical contact – This is so I can contact them if the activity on their domain appears to be something they may be unaware of

I have an automated service that gathers what WHOIS data there is on these domains which would not work with a website. That said, given the issues raised by the NZRS I would not be that adversely impacted if the service was stopped. It would be good to have an alternative option other than manual website lookups though, one that allows automated connections but requires quite robust proof of identity before being granted access and a strong authentication mechanism to connect seems to be in order.