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Welcome to the Domain Name Commission and .nz

.nz Policy Framework Review Consultation

The Domain Name Commission is proposing a simplification of the .nz policy framework. Public comment is now being sought.

More information, including the consultation paper and draft proposed policies  is available here.

The Domain Name Commission (DNC) manages the .nz domain name space and protects the interests and rights of everyone who uses it.

.nz is our home. It allows us to be instantly found online and shows that we are unique. By choosing a .nz domain name, you are choosing an online address specific to the New Zealand identity.

On our website you’ll find resources about registering .nz domain names as well as information about what to do if you’ve a concern about the management of your own domain name.

We’re here to help so if you need further assistance, or you see something that you think we can improve on, please contact us at

Debbie Monahan
Domain Name Commissioner