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DRS Home

The DNC’s Dispute Resolution Service (DRS) is for anyone who wishes to complain about a .nz domain name registration or a 'sub-domain' that has been added to an existing domain name.

A brochure outlining the service is available.

The DRS is an independent, online service that provides a convenient and affordable alternative to the court system.

Before starting the process, please note that the DNC does not get involved with issues of content, and that .nz domain names are registered on a first come, first served basis.

The DRS requires complainants to show that ‘on the balance of probabilities’ they:

a) have rights to a name which is identical or similar to the domain name in dispute; and

b) that the current registration is unfair.

Costs and Levels:

There are three levels to the DRS, with disputes moving up a level if a solution hasn’t been reached earlier.  The process begins when a Complaint is lodged.

Level One is informal mediation, which is a free service. Read about our Mediators

Level Two is Expert Determination. Here, the person making the complaint can choose to continue the process by paying a fee of $2,000 + GST. Read about our Experts.

Level Three only occurs if an appeal is lodged. At this point, a panel of three Experts are appointed to make a final decision. This costs $7,200 + GST for the person making an appeal.

NOTE:  All Decisions from our Experts (including Appeals) will be published on the DNC website.

While it is not necessary, experience has shown that taking legal advice before making a submission to the DRS can help.

Additional Information

For more information read the DRS Policy and Procedure document, and our Help section.

You can also email questions to

Our address for mailing is:

Dispute Resolution Service
Domain Name Commission Limited
PO Box 11 881
Wellington 6142
New Zealand


For courier delivery, send to:

Dispute Resolution Service
Domain Name Commission Limited
Level 11
80 Boulcott St
Wellington 6011
New Zealand