What we do

The Domain Name Commission was appointed by InternetNZ to develop and monitor a competitive registrar market, as well as create a fair environment for the registration and management of .nz domain names.

What we do:

Authorize and de-authorize providers

We authorize and de-authorize domain name providers. This is to ensure the best service possible for .nz domain name holders

.nz Dispute Resolution Service (DRS)

We administer a free to file Dispute Resolution Service for disputes over who should be the registrant of a .nz domain name.

Contact centre

We field enquiries, questions and complaints about registrars and their compliance with .nz policies

Compliance work

We adjudicate, mediate and facilitate the handling of disputes

Validating registration information

We validate the registration information supplied for .nz domain names

Market regulation

We deal with allegations of poor performance from service providers 

Actions for wrong doing

What action can we take

We refer enquiries when

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