Why .nz

Domain names are the building blocks for creating websites and email addresses. The “.nz” at the end of web and email addresses is the country code top level domain, or ccTLD. Holding a ccTLD immediately shows a user your association with a country.

Why choose .nz domain names? Having ".nz" shows your clear ties to Aotearoa New Zealand.


.nz domain names are available and accessible
  • Whoever applies first for a .nz domain name, gets the name.
  • Anyone over 18 can register a .nz domain name.
  • You don’t have to be in New Zealand to register a .nz domain name.
  • The annual wholesale fee for a .nz domain name is $18 NZD.
  • You can register a .nz domain name for up to 10 years.


Registrars can access strong market potential
  • Of 192,378 businesses in Auckland, 104,442 don't have domain names.
  • Of 176,991 businesses in the rest of the North Island, 96,008 don't have domain names.
  • Of 138,039 businesses in the South Island, 122,855 don't have domain names.
  • These figures show a strong market for registrars managing .nz domain names.


Website owners are actively managing domain names
  • 71% of New Zealanders choose .nz domain names when they create a web site.
  • The renewal rate for .nz domain names is above 80%.
  • The average term for created .nz domain names is 15 months.
  • The average term for renewals of .nz domain names is over 9 months.

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