About .nz

One of our key functions at the Domain Name Commission is ensuring compliance with .nz policies.

.nz governance

At the Domain Name Commission, we supervise the .nz domain namespace. Learn about .nz governance work and how it supports international and New Zealand law.

Compliance approach

The Domain Name Commission ensures that .nz domain name participants can be confident about the accountability and performance of the .nz domain namespace. We achieve this through our annual programme of compliance work.

Dispute resolution service hub

This page is the home page for starting a dispute online. You will find a link through to all past decisions, as well as additional information on how to start your dispute.

.nz policies

The .nz domain name space is the country code top-level domain (ccTLD) assigned to Aotearoa New Zealand. It represents us on the Internet and is managed for the benefit of us all. The .nz Rules and Schedules set out the rules for parties involved in the .nz domain name space.

Moderated second levels

Below is a full list of all moderated second level domains in .nz and the moderation policies for each. If you would like to register a moderated domain name and meet the criteria for the space contact information for each space is provided


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