.nz authorised registrars

The registrars listed on this page are all .nz-authorised registrars who can register and manage .nz domain names. We do not recommend one registrar over another. That decision is up to you.

Use the following table to help you choose.

1. View websites
2. Compare services
3. Choose 

Select a company and visit their website to find out what they can offer.

Use the table to compare services. Scroll to see which additional services come with a .nz domain name from each registrar. Filter the list to see specific services.

Choose a .nz authorised registrar that meets your needs.


You may also view our market data to check the average retail price of a domain. 

Our list is randomised. Each refresh of the page will re-order the table to give every .nz authorised registrar equal opportunities.

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