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  1. Have a .nz domain question? Ask Any!

    October 01

    Meet Any, our first online employee! Since March 2020, Any handles general queries outside of the usual 9-5 working day life

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  2. and domain name space

    September 16

    Here in Aotearoa we have two official languages: te Reo Māori and New Zealand Sign Language. This week, we’re focussing on te Reo Māori.

  3. How to keep your .nz domain name safe

    August 27

    With the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdowns, we are seeing a spike in .nz domain name registrations as more businesses make a move online. So it is impor

  4. Domain names in the name of democracy

    July 28

    The countdown to 19 September and election day is on. A digital battleground looms for all the parties as they jostle to capture the nation’s post COV

  5. Ball season: Buyer Beware. What to do when online shopping goes wrong

    July 02

    Imagine ordering something online and receiving a thing that only barely resembles a beautiful website picture or the size is wrong. What if you tried

  6. Think globally, act locally - what we do to keep .nz safe

    May 29

    Part two of a blog feature about COVID-19 and .nz. Part two covers what we do in Aotearoa to keep .nz safe, this includes an update on organisations w

  7. COVID-19, WHOIS and combatting .nz domain name system abuse

    May 13

    Part one of a two part blog feature about COVID-19 and .nz. Part one includes an update on COVID-19 related .nz domain registrations in March-May, dom

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