All decisions resulting from Expert determinations are published on this page. 

Decisions are searchable by free text or by keywords (e.g. trade name, fair use, etc) and outcome (e.g. transferred, dismissed, etc). To search, use the boxes below. 

A Guide to DRS Expert Decisions is also available. This draws on the existing body of expert decisons (as at September 2016).  

Case Number Complainant Name Respondent Name Domain Names Outcome View
983 Capital S.M.A.R.T. Repairs Australia Pty Limited Eastlight Asset Trading No.3 Limited Transferred HTML PDF
963 Sienna Group (2008) Ltd Eco Move (NZ) Limited/Eco Move (Aust.) Pty. Ltd Dismissed HTML PDF
943 Coöperatieve Centrale... S Hunter Transferred HTML PDF
942 Heat Force Ltd Plato Creative Design Transferred HTML PDF
941 Hytools NZ Limited Neville Stuart Transferred HTML PDF
938 Lenovo (Beijing) Limited Ms Angela Huang Dismissed HTML PDF
932 Domino's Pizza Enterprises Limited... Ltd Dismissed HTML PDF
926 Wesfarmers Limited Marco Dente Transferred HTML PDF
911 Nike International Limited Mr Leo Auley Transferred HTML PDF
909 Genesis Energy Limited E-Promote Transferred HTML PDF
908 Genesis Energy Limited Chris Marshall Transferred HTML PDF
897 Child Cancer Foundation Inc. Garth Piesse Appeal HTML PDF
881 Rackspace US, Inc Brendan McNeill, Dismissed HTML PDF
877 Shutterstock, Inc Bai Xiqing Transferred HTML PDF
875 Crank Finance Holdings Ltd t/a James Cadogen,, Transferred HTML PDF
861 On-line Digital Solutions Limited t/a Moovabox Rentacrate NZ Ltd Transferred HTML PDF
846 Wellington Golf Centre Limited Ricky Faesen Kloet Dismissed HTML PDF
826 Nike International Limited (Nike Inc.) Ai Leen Transferred HTML PDF
812 International Medical Recruitment Pty Ltd Kerry McGuinness Transferred HTML PDF
806 Department of Inland Revenue David Henderson Transferred HTML PDF