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  1. New website launch

    March 22

    We are extremely excited to launch our new website showcasing the Domain Name Commission and . nz brand and our new illustrative style.

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  2. .nz policy review - consultation

    February 19

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  3. 12 days of Christmas: shop safe, New Zealand!

    December 01

    Are you in the midst of holiday shopping, looking for the best deals, trying to buy perfect gifts for your whānau?  Here at the Domain Name Commission, we definitely are.

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  4. 4 steps to protect your privacy in .nz domain name space

    November 02

    When you register a . nz domain name, you must provide all of your contact details. It includes your name, address, telephone number and email address.

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  5. Have a .nz domain question? Ask Dot!

    October 01

    Meet Any, our first online employee! Since March 2020, Any handles general queries outside of the usual 9-5 working day life

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  6. and domain name space

    September 16

    Here in Aotearoa we have two official languages: te Reo Māori and New Zealand Sign Language. This week, we’re focussing on te Reo Māori.

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  7. How to keep your .nz domain name safe

    August 27

    With the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdowns, we are seeing a spike in .nz domain name registrations as more businesses make a move online. So it is impor

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  8. Domain names in the name of democracy

    July 28

    The countdown to 19 September and election day is on. A digital battleground looms for all the parties as they jostle to capture the nation’s post COV

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  9. .nz policy review consultation open

    July 20

    The .nz Advisory Panel has now reviewed the existing .nz policies, identified the issues and is now proposing options to make as recommendations.

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  10. Ball season: Buyer Beware. What to do when online shopping goes wrong

    July 02

    Imagine ordering something online and receiving a thing that only barely resembles a beautiful website picture or the size is wrong. What if you tried

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