Provisional address masking option

When you register a .nz domain name your contact information – including name, address, telephone and email – is publicly displayed in the WHOIS (domain search tool).

Just what information should be displayed in the WHOIS is the subject of a major review. Throughout our review we’ve become aware that some individual registrants are concerned for privacy and personal safety reasons about the public display of their contact address.

To help allay these concerns while we carry on with our policy review, we’ve introduced a provisional address masking option where individual registrants can ask that their contact address is masked from public display in the WHOIS.

Any individual who wants to find out more and take up this option to mask their contact address can do so here.

This is a free provisional option for individual registrants only, not businesses or organisations. The option is on offer for as long as it takes us to finish up our WHOIS review and implement any new policies around the display of information for individual registrants in the WHOIS – expected to be later in 2017.