The consultations listed below are open for your feedback. 

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.nz WHOIS review - Fifth consultation This is the fifth and concluding consultation relating to the WHOIS review and it is seeking comment on proposed policy changes.

Recently Completed

The consultations listed below have recently been completed. 

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Proposed changes to .nz Conflicted Name Process Following an internal review of conflicted names in the .nz domain name space, we have identified a number of proposed changes that we believe will streamline the Conflicted Name Process and, over time, help reduce the total number of conflicted names.
.nz WHOIS Review - Options proposal for withholding registrant contact information in the .nz WHOIS This consultation proposes that all contact address and telephone information for individual registrants is withheld from publication in the WHOIS. Submissions closed at 11am, Tuesday 8 November, 2016
Proposed change to .nz policy around WHOIS information DNCL is reviewing the .nz WHOIS policy. It is proposed that there should be a process for individuals to have their details withheld from publication under certain circumstances. Submissions closed 7 June 2016.
Registering reserved .nz names DNCL is proposing to amend clause 9.2 of the Operations and Procedures policy to clarify the date that reserved names need to be registered by. Submissions closed 2 June 2016.
.nz WHOIS review - Second consultation The second consultation in the two-stage review of the .nz WHOIS. Submissions closed 29 January 2016.

Selected List

The following selected list of consultations illustrate the range of issues DNCL that has consulted on - showing some of the major changes that have occurred in the .nz domain name space. For an archive of .nz consultations, see the archive section.   

Name Description View
Registrations direct at the second level Resulted in a change allowing shorter domain names to be registered direct at .nz. second level domain Resulted in a change allowing registrations of domain names in the second level.
Internationalised domain names in .nz Resulted in a change allowing domain names with macronised vowels ā, ē, ī, ō and ū to be registered. second level domain Resulted in a change allowing moderated registrations of domain names in the second level.
Dispute resolution service for .nz Resulted in the creation of the .nz Dispute Resolution Service second level domain Resulted in a change allowing registrations of names in the second level.


A list of previous DNC consultations can be found here.