2023-2024 Annual Report

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vivien maidaborn

I'm pleased to share with you the Annual Report for 2023–2024, as the Chair of the Domain Name Commission (DNC). This report reflects our commitment and efforts to achieve our vision of being a fair, independent, and accessible self-regulator who provides trusted oversight of the .nz domain name space.

Commissioner’s report


I am pleased to share that over the last year we have made significant progress in implementing our three-year strategy and have been able to continually improve and develop our ways of working. This Annual Report offers insights into this work.



domain names, a 1.3% decrease from 757,114 at the same time last year.


domain names with the privacy option applied, a decrease of 3,848 from the same time last year.


unresolved conflicted domain names, a 6.53% decrease from 1,440 unresolved at the same time last year.

607 (5 .nz domain names)

Child sexual abuse material (CSAM) related URLs on .nz domain names were identified through our membership with the Internet Watch Foundation, passed to the Department of Internal Affairs for review, and takedown notices actioned. A 4% increase on last year.


registrars. 42 are incorporated in New Zealand. Three registrars joined the .nz market during the year. Two registrars exited the .nz market.


domain names were put through our data validation process, a significant increase from 283 last year. 856 (82%) of the domain names were suspended for failed data validation.

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65% retail trade — a significant increase from 26% at the same time last year.



Ensuring a fair, effective and efficient .nz self regulatory system.


Driving a culture that promotes .nz market participants readiness and ability to comply with expectations set by policy, sound risk management approaches, and broader New Zealand community standards.


Fostering fairer, simpler and contemporary forums for people to resolve complaints with their service providers and disputes with each other.


Driving DNCL’s regulated population to tackle domain name abuse in line with cross sector and jurisdictional commitments to minimise online harm for consumers.


Future-proof our organisation and operating model to deliver services and value that matter to our stakeholders and create a fun place to work.


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Enquiry Management

Providing great customer service and resolving enquiries is core to our role in promoting and protecting the rights of domain name holders. We aim to resolve each enquiry in a fair and timely manner. We ensure we prioritise enquiries that may impact the ability to use a .nz domain name.

Image description of enquiry numbers by channel chart

Image description of examples of enquiries chart 

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Dispute Resolution Service

Providing a Dispute Resolution Service (DRS) is one of our core functions outlined in the Operating Agreement. 

At times, parties disagree about who the domain name holder of a .nz domain name should be (the DRS also applies to sub-domains). We facilitate a low-cost dispute resolution option compared to litigation, and we are not aware of any other ccTLD that provides a free mediation service for domain name holders. 

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Compliance, enforcement, and .nz Rules

Our role is to enforce the .nz Rules and contractual framework regarding the .nz domain name space. We also contribute to InternetNZ’s .nz policy-making work and ensure our regulated parties understand their obligations.

1,038 suspected malicious domain names were put through our data validation process, a significant increase from 283 last year.

Of the 1,038 domain names, 856 (82%) were suspended for failed data validation. The suspension rate increased from 70% in 2022–2023 to 82% in 2023–2024. 

We use an additional layer of identity validation through our third-party vendor to undertake biometric ID verification. We use this tool in some instances when parties respond to our staff, and we want to ensure that the identity of the domain name holders meets .nz Rules. Of the 66 domains put through the identity verification service, 41 passed our additional due diligence and were not suspended.

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Market Activity 


Our reports on competition, market health indicators, pricing, and other aspects encourage the development of a healthy .nz domain name system. It is one way we demonstrate proactive self-regulation.


Image description of Registrar Prices in NZ chart

ICANN 79 (credit ICANN)

Outreach and engagement

APirG, Brisbane, Australia, September 2023

The three-day annual event brings together representatives from the Asia Pacific internet community. It facilitates discussion and collaboration on how the internet is governed and how best to advance the Internet in the region.

auDA Registrar Summit, Melbourne, Australia, October 2023

The summit provided a platform for discussing key topics, including DNS abuse, security, and compliance activity. Together with InternetNZ, we presented sessions at this forum on the activities and observations from .nz’s perspective.

ICANN78, Hamburg, Germany, October 2023 and ICANN79, San Juan, Puerto Rico, March 2024 

ICANN Public Meetings are a central part of ICANN's multistakeholder model. They are a space to discuss policy work, conduct outreach, exchange best practices, and showcase ICANN’s work to a broader global audience. They also facilitate connecting with our peer ccTLDs and registrars, who are located globally.

INHOPE, May 2023

The online event facilitates a deep dive into the INHOPE Annual Report and insight into the trends and statistics of CSAM globally. 

APTLD — TLD Automation Webinar, December 2023

This online webinar stems from the training session on Registry Automation delivered at APTLD84 in Seoul in September 2023. This is part of a series of webinars that touched on registry operations, zone management, DNSSEC, and the overall security and stability of the DNS. 

CENTR roundtable update, February 2024

InternetNZ is an associate member of CENTR (the Council of European National Top-Level Domain Registries), and our staff actively participate in CENTR events and work. 


Vikash Stairway to Heaven

The Domain Name Commissioner, Barbara Pearse, led the organisation with the support of the leadership team: Operations Manager, Dylan Connolly, and Head of Technical and Relationships, Ann Ibrahim. 


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