Disputes resolution (2020-2021)

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Administered by the Commission, the dispute resolution service is an alternative to litigation and can used when someone wants to dispute a domain name registration as they may have a better claim. 


Total submissions received.

Of the 25 submissions, there were:


Expert decisions (2 dismissed, 3 transferred, and 3 on-going) 


Still on-going


Disputes withdrawn as no fees were paid

Graph that contains the following information: Complainant country   19 New Zealand 2 Australia 1 Portugal 1 US 2 France   Respondent country  22 New Zealand 2 Australia 1 France
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Case study: jetcharge.co.nz 

Complainant: Jet Charge Pty Ltd

Respondent: EVolution Australia

  • Evolution registered domain name 2017. 
  • Trademark registered by Jet Charge in NZ in 2019.
  • Both companies operated in Australia and no evidence Evolution knew Jet Charge would want to use domain name in New Zealand. 
  • Insufficient evidence of unfair registration and complaint dismissed. 
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Case study: travelguard.co.nz

Complainant: American International Group, Inc.

Respondent: Donald BH Thomson

Pre-exsisting trademark held by complainant. 

Given the well known brand of the complainant it was likely people would believe complainant owned domain name leading to confusion. 

Domain name transferred. 


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