Enquiry management (2020-2021)

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Resolving enquiries is core to the Commission’s role in promoting and protecting the rights of registrants who use .nz authorised registrar services. The DNCL aims to resolve each enquiry in a fair and timely manner.

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1867 emails

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574 phone calls

Graph showing the following information: 94 requests for an authentication code (UDAI), 68 enquiries regarding how to change/transfer registrant name, 28 enquiries regarding struck off companies, 26 enquiries managed as urgent registration abuse action, 2

Outbound action 


calls related to 120 domain name holders whose registrar was being de-authorised and assisting with transfer options to another provider.


domain name holders assisted in regaining control of their domain names. They had lost control because their provider (a reseller) went into liquidation and had failed to register the domain names in the name of the domain name holders. 

Feedback received:
"Great to see someone is staying across protecting our domain names in NZ from squatters."

"Thanks again for all your help with our domain struggles. It’s been a pain but we really appreciate you guys getting involved when you didn't have to."

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