Domain Name Commission Limited Board Minutes - December 2010

Minutes of the Domain Name Commission Ltd Board Meeting  

Thursday, 16 December 2010, 4pm 


Present: Joy Liddicoat, Andy Linton, David Farrar, Debbie Monahan, Alison McKenzie.

Apologies: Michael Foley, Kenneth Johnston.  Vikram Kumar apologised for being unable to attend for his InternetNZ update.


1 & 2. Board alone time. 

The meeting began with Board alone time. Debbie Monahan joined the meeting at 4.20pm.  Alison McKenzie and Paul McKitrick joined the meeting at 4.35pm. 

3.         NZRS CE  

Jay Daley joined the meeting and outlined NZRS' plans for the upcoming year, including planned monitoring and analysis, DNSSEC, and the planned strategic direction.  Key signing issues relating to DNSSEC were discussed.  

Jay was thanked for his update, and the work of NZRS throughout the year. 

4. DNCL Register of Interests 

The DNCL Register of Interests was updated.  No conflicts were noted for this meeting.

 5. Minutes from the last meeting 

The minutes of the last DNCL Board meeting were passed as true and accurate. There were no matters arising from the minutes that were not covered elsewhere in the agenda. 

6. DNC Work plan - update 

The DNC outlined updates to the Work Plan which is a standing item.  Various aspects were discussed. 

7. DNC Reports - October 2010 

The DNC spoke to her October report.   It was noted that the number of .nz domain names continues to grow. 

Some matters of interest that will be included in the November report were also raised including a registrant having their .nz domain names cancelled due to incorrect information being recorded and not being updated on request.  

Following the discussion of the reports, the Board spoke briefly of the upcoming review of the SLA with NZRS.  The DNC was thanked for her report. 

8. Additional Search Functionality  

This project is progressing, and the new policy will come into effect in late January 2011.  Notification of the changes to the WHOIS policy will be included with the December newsletter. 


Two responses were received to the consultation about the policy changes involved in the implementation of DNSSEC.  One of the submissions was from a Registrar and raised a number of points from that perspective that are still being considered by the Office.  This work will be done and submitted to the Board during January for further consideration. 

It was agreed by the Board that a contact repository for DNSSEC Operators should be established and maintained. 

The Board discussed the issue of Key Management.  It was agreed that while DNCL has responsibility for .nz policy, NZRS was the appropriate organisation to take responsibility for the key signing.  It was also agreed that the DNSSEC Management by NZRS, and the role and responsibility of DNCL in DNSSEC, should be defined in a new schedule for the SLA which will ensure DNCL have appropriate input to, and approve of, the processes to be used by NZRS. 

The Board approved the proposal for establishing and maintaining a contact repository for DNS Operators  

10. PDP review  

No submissions were received as a result of this consultation.  The Board agreed that the policy will remain as current.  

11. Dispute Resolution Service policy review 

The Board noted that a review of the Dispute Resolution Service policy will be undertaken starting January 2011. 

12. Capital Expenditure 

The Board approved the proposed capital expenditure, and noted the ongoing plans for the replacement of computers.  

13. Draft Budget for 2011/2012 financial year 

A draft budget for 2011/2012 financial year was approved along with 2011-2014 three year budgets.  The EOY forecast and second quarter financial result were noted.  NZRS will be advised of the level of the management fee for the 2011/2012 year. 

14. Chair Update 

At this time it is planned that the meeting set for 24 February will be longer than usual to including time for planning.  If possible, a joint session with NZRS could be included as part of the day. 

12. Any other business  

The Board offered its formal thanks to Debbie and the staff of the office for the year's work. 

Joy was congratulated on her graduation with a Master of Laws with Distinction.  Joy's research and thesis was in Dispute Resolution.  

13. Proposed dates for future Board meetings.  

The next meeting is set for Thursday 24 February 2011, likely to commence around 10am.  

Meeting closed at 6.17pm

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