Domain Name Commission Limited Board Minutes - July 2011

Minutes of the Domain Name Commission Board Meeting 

Thursday, 7 July 2011 

Present: Andy Linton, Michael Foley, David Farrar, Kenneth Johnston, Joy Liddicoat, Debbie Monahan, Alison McKenzie. 

Meeting opened at 3.15pm, with Board Alone, and Board and CE time. Alison McKenzie joined the meeting at 5.10pm. 

1. Workplan 

- .nz is our home 

Andy Allison, Blair Mainwaring, and Dave Ralph from Ocean Design joined the meeting to present possible options for the DNC's website. The current '.nz is our home' content featuring spokespeople for the various 2LDs is out of date as some have moved on to new roles and must be replaced. Ocean were thanked for their presentation and the Board agreed to discuss the options presented later. 

Andy Allison, Blair Mainwaring, and Dave Ralph left the meeting at 5.48pm 

- Survey results 

The results of a survey carried out by Colmar Brunton were presented. The Board discussed the various ways that the results could be shared with Council, NZRS, the Chair's report to the AGM and through the DNC website. The full presentation is to be emailed to the Board. 

2. Register of Interests 

David noted that he will be attending a social function as a guest of Telecom, a .nz authorised Registrar. The DNCL Register of Interests was updated. No conflicts were noted for this meeting. 

3. Minutes of the last meeting

The minutes of the last DNCL Board meeting were passed as true and accurate. There were no matters arising that were not covered elsewhere in the agenda. 

4. DNC Reports 

The DNC spoke to her reports for the months of April and May. The dip in net growth in April was noted, as was the good level of growth for May. There was a brief discussion around the changes to the market share of some registrars and around what would consititute a dominant player. The DNC was thanked for her reports. 

5. SLA Review 

The Board discussed the SLA Review and agreed to retain two clauses that they had originally considered changing. This would be advised to NZRS along with the Board's wish to see the DNS Practice Statement available through one place for easy reference by any interested party. 

6 Any other business 

Andy Linton advised that InternetNZ has indicated its will offer him some support in his roles on the ASO and APNIC Policy Committee. 

Next meeting to be held Thursday 25 August 2011 

The meeting closed at 8.10pm

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