Domain Name Commission Limited Board Minutes - March 2011

Minutes of the Domain Name Commission Ltd (DNCL) Board Meeting  

Thursday, 2 March 2011, 2.30pm




Present: Joy Liddicoat, Andy Linton, David Farrar, Michael Foley, Kenneth Johnston, Debbie Monahan, Alison McKenzie. 


1 & 2  Board alone time.


The meeting began with Board alone time. Debbie Monahan joined the meeting at 2.15pm.  Alison McKenzie joined the meeting at 2.30pm.


3.         Register of Interests 

The DNCL Register of Interests was updated.  No conflicts were noted for this meeting.


4.         Minutes of the last meeting 

The minutes of the last DNCL Board meeting were passed as true and accurate.  There were no matters arising from the minutes that were not covered elsewhere in the agenda. 


5.         DNCL Workplan 

An update on the DNCL Workplan was provided.  The Workplan is a standing item on the agenda and will be updated following the planning meeting.


6.         DNC Reports 

The DNC spoke to her reports for the month of November, December and January.   There was some discussion and the DNC was thanked for her reports.


7.         DNSSEC Update 

The Board discussed the paper and proposed changes to the RMC Policy to reflect DNSSEC implementation.  Currently the .nz policies do not define processes around making DNS name server changes as this is an issue impacting on all those hosting .nz domain names, not just Registrars.  It was agreed that more work should be done in this area to see if it was possible to define preferred DNS best practice standards. 

Proposed changes to the RMC Policy were approved as drafted and the Board noted that these changes would be advised to Registrars, and come into effect one month after notification.

The Board restated their position that NZRS was the appropriate entity to take control of the key signing involved with DNSSEC.  There was discussion around ensuring the credibility of the processes to be used to sign .nz and it was agreed that the detailed Schedule in the SLA was key to ensuring all stakeholders, including the InternetNZ Council and those responsible for moderated second level domains, had confidence in the procedures undertaken by NZRS. 

It was agreed that the DNC would write to NZRS advising them of the policy amendments approved and saying that we were keen to work with them on finalising this Schedule so the procedures to be used can be shared publicly and so that the implementation of DNSSEC could be completed.


8.         DNCL - Statement of Directions and Goals 

The Board noted this paper having discussed it earlier at the planning day.  The amendments agreed to will be made and the Board will approve the redrafted paper by email.


9.         Items arising from the planning meeting 

There were no matters arising from the planning meeting that were not covered elsewhere in the agenda.

10.       Dispute Resolution Service Policy Review - Oral update

No submissions have been received on this review to date.  Closing date for submissions is 4 April 2011.


11.       Chair update 

Updates from the chair had been discussed during the planning meeting. 

12.       Any other business 

The joint NZRS/DNCL letter to the InternetNZ Council regarding the recommendation for the fee was approved. 

13.       Dates of Future DNCL Board Meetings 

Next meeting to be held Thursday 28 April 2011 followed by Thursday 7 July 2011. 

The Board also requested that a group calendar be included in the papers.


The meeting closed at 3.55pm

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