Domain Name Commission Limited Board Minutes - May 2017


Present: David Farrar (Chair), Adam Hunt, Lucy Elwood, Kenneth Johnston, Dave Moskovitz.

In Attendance: Debbie Monahan, Cristy Cable.

1.    Register of Interests

No conflicts were noted for this meeting. The Register of Interests was updated.

2.    Minutes of the Last Meeting

The minutes of the last DNCL Board meeting were accepted as true and accurate. There were no matters arising.

3.    WHOIS Policy Review

A copy of the 14 submissions received for the fifth public consultation of the WHOIS policy review was provided to the Board for discussion. The Board considered the issues raised, and some changes were made to the draft policy based on the submissions.

It was acknowledged that NZRS and Registrars would be impacted by the proposal to implement a Registrant Privacy Option for WHOIS.  DNCL discussed possible timeframes for implementation with NZRS and with registrars at the recently held Registrar Advisory Group meeting and provided their feedback to the Board.  Six months was the minimum timeframe required but some registrars commented that they would require a longer period. 

It was agreed that the revised policy around WHOIS would come into effect on 28 November 2017.  On this date, NZRS will have the changes implemented in the SRS and registrars will be able to offer individual registrants the privacy option but it will not be mandatory at this time.  All registrars must offer the registrant privacy option by 28 March 2018.  During the period between November 2017 and March 2018 DNCL will amend the registrar table on the DNCL website to show which registrars are offering the service.

The Board agreed the final policy and implementation timeframe.  An update on this review will be published following the meeting.

4.    WHOIS Proposal

The Board discussed a proposal from NZRS to remove port 43 queries. The Board agreed that this should go out for public comment and this will happen after the revised WHOIS policy comes into effect on 28 November 2017.

5.    Internal Policies

The Board agreed to the updated timetable for the review of Internal Policies.

6.    Monthly Reports

The monthly reports were tabled and discussed.

7.    DNC Work Plan

The Board noted the work plan.

8.    Chair Update

The Chair raised no updates that had not already been discussed in Board alone time.

9.    Audit and Risk

The DNC advised the Board that no issues had arisen during the audit which was conducted in May.

10.    Health and Safety

The Health and Safety Report was tabled and discussed.

11.    Other Business

The Chair raised no updates that had not already been discussed in Board alone time.

12.    Dates of Future Meetings

The next Board meeting will be 27 July 2017.

13.    Meeting Closed

The Chair closed the meeting at 12:59 pm.

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