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  1. Are you prepared for the future of conflict resolution?

    July 06

    The Commission recently launched its ODR pilot. DNC’s Keri Morris met with Greg Pollock to ask him about some of his experiences from his time working in this space.

  2. Case summaries now on-line

    July 06

    We are excited to announce the publication of new resources - the Domain Name Commission’s Case Summaries - to assist parties to understand their rights.

  3. New online dispute resolution platform

    March 28

    After a year of planning, learning, developing and testing the Domain Name Commission team are excited to pilot online dispute resolution for disputes relating to domain names.

  4. Brent Carey leaving DNC and InternetNZ to become Netsafe CEO

    March 22

    The Domain Name Commission Limited, a subsidiary of InternetNZ, has accepted the resignation of Brent Carey who is stepping down as the Domain Name Commissioner to become the CEO of Netsafe.

  5. Online Disputes Resolution — From Dial-up to Fiber

    March 21

    The world continues to change rapidly, and most of us race to keep pace with technological advances.

  6. Explaining the domain name aftermarket

    March 01

    You’ve thought of the business name, but what about a domain name? Do you want a domain name for the name of your business? Or one for the industry you’re working in? Or both?

  7. Deals Too Good To Be True, are Probably a Scam

    December 23

    Some Tips for Safer Shopping in the .nz domain namespace

  8. Domain name prices and hidden fees – Part 2

    November 24

    .nz domain name prices

  9. Domain name prices and hidden fees – Part 1

    November 03

    The hidden costs and fees associated with buying and using a .nz domain name.

  10. #ShopSafeNZ 2021

    October 18

    Shopping safer in the .nz domain name space. We have launched our the new home for our #ShopSafeNZ tips. 

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