Joint PR: Sharing information to protect .nz domains from cyber security threats

Sharing information to protect .nz domains from cyber security threats

The Domain Name Commission and CERT NZ have today announced an agreement to share certain domain registration information to help enhance cyber security in New Zealand. “We and InternetNZ are the stewards of the .nz domain space. We’re conscious of the role we play to help keep New Zealanders and their domains safe,” says Brent Carey, Domain Name Commissioner.We’re pleased to announce that we have signed a Memorandum of Understanding with CERT NZ, who will use their access to international cyber threat and vulnerability information together with withheld domain name registration information to alert domain owners in the .nz space to cyber security issues.”

The Memorandum of Understanding sets out how CERT NZ will be able to access withheld domain name registration information from the Domain Name Commission when cyber security threats are identified. “Where individuals have validly chosen our privacy option, it’s paramount we protect their privacy.

Security of our domain name space critical infrastructure is equally as important. Putting this agreement in place means that we can protect that privacy while also giving CERT NZ access to some information that they need to help keep New Zealand safe,” says Mr Carey. As part of the newly signed agreement, the Domain Name Commission will share regular transparency reporting which will include high-level information on the withheld data accessed by CERT NZ. “Cyber security has to be a team sport,” says Rob Pope, Director, CERT NZ. “CERT NZ works alongside partners both in New Zealand and globally to help keep Kiwis safe online.”

“We use our privileged access to information, such as the information we’ll be able to access under this new Memorandum of Understanding to help keep New Zealanders safe online,” says Mr Pope. “When we’re alerted to issues that may affect New Zealand domain owners, this agreement means we can access the right information at the right time.”

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