Press Release: Domain Name Commission: distinctively New Zealand online

29 April 2018

Domain Name Commission: distinctively New Zealand online 

The Domain Name Commission has undergone a brand refresh, aligning the organisation's visual identity with its vision of enabling and growing a trusted and distinctive online presence. 

Since 2007, the Commission has been delivering market regulatory and dispute resolution services for holders of .nz domain names.

Brent Carey, Domain Name Commissioner, says "One of our aims with this refresh is to demonstrate openness and transparency when we engage with a wide range of audiences and stakeholders.


We have seen significant changes in our sector, including the growth of markets for second level domains, a first-class dispute resolution service and an individual registrant privacy option. We need our identity to reflect our achievements and align with our future strategy". 

Local Wellington agency Capiche worked with the Commission to revitalise the identity and articulate the organisation's positioning. Capiche Account Director Nicki Stephens says, "The uniqueness of .nz, combined with the Commission's trusted oversight of the .nz domain space, provides a solid positioning foundation that we could base our design work on." 

The use of a .nz domain signals a distinctive, unique and competitive edge for individuals and businesses alike, which is why it is an important part of the new logo. The visual identity has a new colour palette, imagery and type treatment that is modern and fresh, yet still appropriate for a regulator.


Brent Carey adds, "I want .nz to be our New Zealand online and for the Commission to stay relevant while becoming more accessible. This brand refresh is part of my commitment to raising awareness and doing more outreach work with stakeholders and participants in the .nz market. We will continue to evolve to simplify, be meaningful, and deliver value in what we do. Our identity refresh, our new brand story and our first digital annual report which will be published this year is the start of that commitment."



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