DNC Newsletter - May 2019



May 2019 


Independent review

Do you have something to say about the way we work? You have until midday Thursday 6 June to tell us what you think about our first independent review. We’d appreciate any feedback—even a simple paragraph to let us know if we are on the right track. Submissions can be emailed to [email protected].
A series of clauses have been added to the .nz Operations and Procedures Policy, enabling the Domain Name Commissioner to take “action to mitigate or minimise” harm that use of the .nz domain space is created in emergency or exceptional circumstances. The Domain Name Commissioner will be limited to suspending, temporarily transferring or locking a domain name — temporary changes that can easily be reversed if required.

New DNCL strategy

We have released our organisational strategy for 2019 - 2021. DNCL strategy document. Our new purpose is to be a fair, independent and accessible self-regulator who provides trusted oversight of the .nz domain name space and an excellent dispute resolution service.

The new strategy has overarching goals of

  • improving public good outcomes with the operation of .nz
  • delivering a modern and digital first disputes process
  • providing a holistic compliance approach
  • contributing to a more secure .nz domain name space.

Important to the strategy is cooperation and coordination with other agencies and consumers who desire a safer .nz.

Transparency report

The Commission marked Privacy Awareness Week 2019 by releasing its inaugural transparency report.

The transparency report outlines current trends in requests for information, domain name removal requests by way of suspensions and/or cancellations, and other privacy matters related to the management of .nz. The report also details how the Commission responded to the Christchurch terrorism event. DNC transparency report.

International engagement

MoU with .pg

The Domain Name Commission has reaffirmed its commitment for free help to other Pacific-based ccTLDs with the management of their domain name spaces. 

Following on from our MoU with Vanuatu, the Commission has signed a new agreement with the Papua New Guinea University of Technology

The document outlines the commitment by the Domain Name Commission and the Papua New Guinea University of Technology to collaborate, share data, and provide opportunities to improve skills. 

The Commission would like to thank the Asia Pacific Top Level Domain Association for its facilitation role when it came to arrangements for the negotiation of the agreement. 

MoU with Papua New Guinea University of Technology.

APTLD80 Fiji

It’s now official. Our bid to bring representatives of each of the 63 countries that make up the Asia Pacific Top Level Domain Association to the Pacific has been accepted.

APTLD80 brought to you by .nz will be held in Fiji in February 2021. This is the first time in the 20-year history of the Association that the event will be held on a Pacific island other than Australia or New Zealand!
While it is early in the planning cycle for the event, we would like to hear of any dates in February to avoid. If anyone in the Internet and domain name governance space might benefit from coordinating events on either side of the conference we’d love to hear from you too. Email us at [email protected]

Global Domains Division Industry Summit Thailand

Dylan Connolly, Complaints and Compliance Manager attended the GDD Industry Summit in Thailand. The Commission is actively engaging in the registrant’s (consumers) rights work track stream. As a result, the Commission has volunteered to be part of a small group to work together to compile a list of ‘use cases’ of common registrant pain points/questions that registrar’s and registries are hearing from consumers.

CENTR Jamboree - Amsterdam

The Commissioner, Brent Carey, presented an overview of the Domain Tools litigation to the Legal Working Group at the Association of European country code top-level domain name registries meeting in Amsterdam.

Throughout the 3 day event, there were a number of breakout sessions covering issues of relevance to registries including privacy, cybersecurity, and consumer protection reform, abuse prevention and management and emerging jurisprudence.


Local engagement


.nz Annual Conference

The Commissioner, Brent Carey, launched the Commission’s compliance strategy, produced in partnership with Deloitte, at the .nz annual conference. The strategy will be available online shortly. In the meantime, a copy of the Commissioner’s presentation including a one-page overview of the strategy is available from the conference webpage.

Teaming up with others at home

The Domain Name Commission administers an independent dispute resolution service for domain name disputes. The Commissioner joined other dispute resolution practitioners at the Government Dispute Settlement Centre stakeholder forum to provide input on the GCDR’s work program and active involvement in the fraud investigators group The event was timely ahead of the Commission’s upcoming consultation process for the review of our dispute resolution service. This consultation will start next month. Look out for more information about this on our website.

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