Annual Compliance Plan

Annual Plan 2020

Each year before 1 May, we produce an annual compliance plan that sets out our work program for the coming year and the resources we need to deliver the program.

Quarter 1: Privacy in the .nz domain namespace.

We will be ensuring that all .nz Authorized Registrars are able to offer the .nz privacy option and are also applying this correctly.

We will also be looking at other non-compliant privacy options that are used such other WHOIS privacy options, or obfuscated registration information

Quarter 2: Data Legacy in the .nz domain namespace.

We will be doing spot checks to ensure that registration information is as up-to-date as possible.

We will be reviewing registrations that have existed in the .nz space for a number of years to ensure that the information provided is accurate and complete.

We will be information matching with different publicly and commercially available data sets to improve individual and corporate contact information.  

Quarter 3: Resellers

We will be doing a mapping exercise of the .nz resellers to ensure that Registrants of .nz domain name are being bound by .nz policy at the time of registration.

As well as Authorized Registrars and resellers having adequate agreements in place that align with .nz policy.

Quarter 4: Registrant Core Terms and Conditions 

Our last theme for the year will be in the area of registrant core terms and conditions, and ensuring that there are provided to registrants during transaction processes, as well as ensuring any general terms and conditions with .nz Authorised Registrars are consistent with .nz policy.