Domain Name Commission’s Dispute Resolution Review

We need your views on our dispute resolution services.

We are undertaking a first principles look at how disputes might be handled at the Commission.

Tell us what type of dispute services you would like to see at the Domain Name Commission.

How to get involved

1.     Send us your traditional submission in response to our consultation paper. Submissions can be made from 4 pm 19 June until 5 pm 16 September 2019 (was originally 19 July). Submissions can be emailed to or posted to PO Box 11881, Wellington 6142. All submissions will be published below as they are received. Individuals making submissions may request that their personal details be withheld from publication. Submissions should be received by midday Monday 16 September 2019.

2.       Fill in our 5-10 minute survey about dispute resolution services

3.      Participation at our workshop helping us co-create the new dispute resolution process (workshops completed)

These workshops are being facilitated by Creative HQ in both Auckland or Wellington (spaces limited to 20 people). 

4.      Come brainstorm with us at our online Mural board. Never used Mural before? Check out their quick tips video

Relevant Documents:

Strawperson Proposal [pdf]

Survey regarding Dispute Resolution [link]

Dispute Resolution Consultation Paper [pdf]

Co-Creation Flyer - Do you manage .nz domain names? [pdf]

Where is all this leading to?

We want our community to help design the service with us.

The responses we get from the traditional submission process will be used in the co-creation workshops.

The materials will also be provided to InternetNZ who is leading an end to end policy review of .nz policy.  

At the end of the co-creation workshops, together we will have produced a straw person of what dispute resolution might look like for the Commission in the future.

This future state strawperson will also be available online and further views from outside the workshop participants sought.

Once this future state has been created, InternetNZ who is reviewing the dispute resolution service policy will consider any policy implications for the .nz domain name space. 


16 June to 19 August 2019 -  Submissions  on consultation paper sought

3 July 2019 – Online brainstorming space opens for feedback on the strawperson process

23  July -  Co-creation process workshop in Wellington

26 July  – Co-creation process workshop in Auckland

5  August – 16 September 2019 – engagement with future state strawperson dispute resolution services online

Late August /late September 2019– Referral of future state process and findings from the consultation process to InternetNZ to consider as part of its end to end .nz policy review.


Ben Cain [pdf]

Joy Liddicoat [pdf]

Tim Clarke [pdf]

Portable [pdf]

Ernest Thiessen [pdf]

Karaitiana Taiuru [pdf]