Pilot Program FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions

How to change your preference for a conflicted domain name

Am I obligated to participate?

I’ve received an email, what is this about?

How much is this going to cost me to participate?

What is e-negotiation?

I don’t want to go into a bidding war?

How long does the other party have to accept the invitation?

Is this legitimate?

What happens if we can't reach a resolution?

What do I do if I am no longer interested?

Who is Immediation?

What happens if the other party chooses not to participate?

What do I do if my token has expired?

Conflicted Domain Names

What happens after I have participated in the DNCL ODR Pilot?

The other party doesn’t appear to be using their conflicted .nz domain name. Why can’t I automatically get the shorter name?

I hold a trade mark registration in my name, why can’t I get the conflicted name automatically?

I hold a .nz name but it is not showing as one of the names eligible to take part in the conflicted name process. Why is that?

When does a conflicted domain name stop being a conflicted domain name?

What happens if you are conflicted and the person you are conflicted with stops their registration?

Am I allowed to contact those I am in conflict with?

How do you find out who you are conflicted with?

What is the process for conflicted domain names?

Preparation for using ODR

What things should I be preparing before an online mediation?

Should I provide evidence when asked?

What should I do if I’m unsure of the other party’s contact details?

Where can I get free legal advice?

How do I decide who I should name as the applying party (me personally or the business that I am submitting the complaint on behalf of?)

Understanding ODR functionality

What do you do with my information?

Do I have to do ODR? Why can’t I do it on the papers or face-to-face?

How long do I have to mediate?

What if my matter is subject to legal proceedings but I’ve already submitted a domain dispute application?

How do I commence resolving a domain dispute through mediation?

How can I be confident that the other party can’t see my bids?

How many rounds of bidding in e-negotiation can I do?

How does the DNCL ODR e-negotiation tool work?

How am I invited to a conflicted name on the ODR platform?

For conflicted domain names, you will be invited by email to participate. Emails will be sent to the registrant email address. 

You only need to sign up on the platform to create an account. You will be guided through the platform and emails prompting you to take the next step.

During your onboarding, you will be asked to choose e-negotiation process or go through the mediation process. For more information, head to our Conflicted Domain Name ODR Hub.

All you need to know about mediation

How do I get appointed a representative?

What is a representative and do I need one for the ODR platform?

Can I request more mediation?

What can I do if I think mediation isn’t working?

Can I withdraw from Domain Dispute mediation at any time?

How are mediators appointed?

What is included in an Agreement to Mediate.

What do mediators do and don’t do?

Can DNCL/mediator/coach give me legal advice?

What are standards for mediation?

What are my responsibilities during mediation?

Can a mediator terminate mediation?


What is a settlement agreement?

How is the settlement agreement finalised?

What other options do I have outside of the DNCL ODR platform?

What is included in the domain disputes/ conflicted names settlement agreement?

What happens after the agreements are signed?

Will DNCL transfer or hold funds?

Who implements the agreed change of preference or transfer of domain name?

Does DNCL enforce settlement agreements?

Expert Determination Process

What does the form mean by unfair registration?

What does the form mean by ‘rights in a domain name’?

What does the complaint form mean by “the name or mark which is similar to or identical to the disputed domain name’? Is that the domain name I own?

What other options do I have outside of the expert determination process?

Does DNCL decide on the outcome of my complaint?

What are the fees involved in the expert determination process?

How long does an expert determination process take?

Can any costs be awarded by the expert?

How does the domain name change if the expert said it should?

Do I need a representative to lodge a complaint to be decided by an expert?


Can I request a different coach or mediator?

Can my lawyer/someone else engage in the process for me?

What is the role of the expert?

What is the role of the coach?

What is the role of the mediator?

Technical Information

What's the best browser to use? And what Internet Speed do I need?

Where can I find more information on technical manuals for the platform?

Where do I go to start an ODR domain dispute?

Where do I login back into my matters?

Who provides the platform?

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