Amendment to Operations and Procedures (OP) Policy – Conflicted Names Process

In February 2017, the DNCL Board met and reviewed the 181 submissions received for the consultation on the proposed changes to the .nz Conflicted Name Process.

The Board found the comments useful in their discussions and would like to thank all those who took the time to make a submission.  

There were a number of submissions on which Registrants should have priority in the conflict.   These submissions were noted but this was not part of the review as this review was around the Conflicted Names process, not of the conflicted names policy itself. The policy will be up for review in the future.

Of the submissions commenting on the proposed changes to the process, the majority were in favour with many people requesting a shorter timeframe to lodge a preference.

The Board agreed to adopt the proposed changes with one amendment being to require a preference to be lodged in 6 months, rather than the proposed 12 months.

The following is a summary of the approved  amendments to the Operations and Procedures Policy.

  • All Registrants with a Conflicted Name must lodge a preference by 18 October 2017.  If a Registrant fails to lodge a preference in that time they will cease to be involved in the Conflicted Name process (cl. 9.3); and
  • The option for a conflicted name to become a new second level will be removed; and
  • Where all preferences lodged are selected as ‘don’t want the name and don’t care who gets it’ the domain name will be released for registration on a ‘first come, first served basis’ (cl. 9.4); and
  • Where DNCL can demonstrate that the same entity is the Registrant of each of the domain names in the Conflicted Names process DNCL may direct the Registrant to resolve the conflict (cl. 9.9).

As the date to register Reserved Names has passed, wording in the Operations and Procedures Policy regarding Reserved Names has been removed. This has resulted in a change to section numbering in the policy.

The amended Operations and Procedures Policy has the revised policy wording and will come into effect on 18 April 2017.

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