wex.nz Domain Name Suspension

On 21 November 2018 the following domain names were suspended:

•    wex.nz
•    wexbet.nz
•    wexcash.nz
•    wexcoin.nz
•    wxcash.nz
•    wxcoin.nz

wex.nz and the associated domain names above, were displaying a cryptocurrency website. 

The names were suspended following the Domain Name Commission’s enquiries in to the accuracy of the registration details for each of these domains. 

The Commission initiated an investigation following complaints made to it. 

The Domain Name Commission has suspended the domain names for fake registration details in accordance with enforcing data validation measures under the .nz Principles and Responsibilities policy. The Commission wants .nz to be a safe, trusted and secure domain name space which is supported by its data validation process.

The individual who registered the domain names was not able to verify their contact details - and having valid contact details is a prerequisite for any .nz domain name holder. 

If you are New Zealand based and have been affected by the cancellation of wex.nz and associated domain names - and have reason to suspect any fraudulent or criminal activity - we urge you to immediately contact your local Police station and report a crime or make a report via Netsafe https://www.netsafe.org.nz/report/ 

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