Review of three .nz policies

As part of the ongoing review of .nz policies, three policies are now being reviewed.

The policies being reviewed are: Process on de-authorisation of a Registrar - Consultation:

This policy relates to the process which is to be followed whether the de-authorisation is voluntary, or results from a serious breach of .nz policies. Registrars can choose to cancel their own authorisation status, or the DNC may cancel the status in some circumstances. These circumstances and all notice periods are defined in the policy.

Transfer to another Registrar - Consultation:

This policy relates to the process which is to be followed when a .nz domain name is transferred from one registrar (‘releasing registrar’) to another (‘gaining registrar’). The overarching principle behind this policy is that registrants are able to transfer .nz domain names from one registrar to another at any time, except during the registration grace period. The registrar must supply the UDAI on registration and at the request of the registrant to enable the transfer to take place.

Roles and Responsibilities - Consultation:

This policy sets out the roles, rights and obligations of all parties involved in the Shared Registry System. It establishes the standards of behaviour required to operate in the .nz domain name space, and sets out the consequences of breaching those standards, including the possible sanctions.

No operational issues have been identified with the current policies. They are being reviewed as part of the regular, ongoing review of .nz policies. Submissions will be published on this page as they are received.

The review period for all three policies will end at midday on 21 June 2010.

Submissions closed at midday on 21 June 2010.

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