Registrar Sanction - Actrix Networks Limited

The Domain Name Commissioner (DNC), Debbie Monahan, announced today that Actrix Networks Limited would be the subject of a sanction.

Actrix were found to be in breach of the .nz policies and procedures after they cancelled a domain name when they shouldn't have. The domain name was subsequently released after the 90 day 'pending release' period and re-registered by a third party.

Ms Monahan noted that the registrant contributed to the breach. The registrant had failed to pay Actrix a significant sum of money owing for services, not connected with domain name registration, over an extended period.

The registrant's actions did not excuse Actrix's breach of the .nz policies and procedures, but were considered by the DNC when imposing the sanction. The DNC says that the sanction is lenient in relation to the breach and its consequences for the registrant.

The sanction imposed upon Actrix means that for a single and continuous period of 24 hours during a normal working week, Actrix will be unable to accept new registrations or transfers. However Actrix will be able to continue to manage and renew their existing names.

In imposing the sanction, the DNC acknowledged that Actrix has since amended its processes to be acceptable and noted that the sanction does not signal a lack of confidence in Actrix as a registrar. Ms Monahan added that breaches of .nz policies and procedures are taken seriously and that those who wittingly or unwittingly break the rules can expect that there will be consequences.

Actrix intends to execute their 24 hour sanction from 6am Wednesday 28 July to 6am Thursday 29 July.

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