Policy Consultation – .nz registrations at the second level

This is the third and final consultation relating to implementing registrations at the second level in the .nz domain name space. 

It follows the decision made on 11 October 2013 by the InternetNZ Council, after a recommendation from Domain Name Commission Limited (DNCL), that .nz domain names should also be able to be registered at the second level.  

The two earlier consultation papers were released in:

·   May 2012 (see: http://dnc.org.nz/second_level_proposal_c1); and

·   May 2013 (see: http://dnc.org.nz/second_level_proposal_c2)

Though some changes have been made between each consultation process, comments received show the proposed approach has generally been supported, including by some opposed to the overall change but who agreed with the approach taken if second level registrations were implemented.

Comments are now sought on the final proposed policy changes to implement registrations at the second level. This consultation does not extend to a reconsideration of the decision itself, or the substantive policy proposals and approach.  There are some slight differences to the version in the second consultation and these are identified later in this paper.

There are two .nz policies that will be significantly affected when the change goes ahead - the Registering, Managing and Cancelling (RMC) Policy and the Dispute Resolution Service (DRS) Policy.

The highlighted sections of the amended policy documents offer detailed information on these proposed changes (see Appendix A and B in the full consultation paper at http://dnc.org.nz/content/Second_Level_Consultation_Paper_3.html) and it is these that should be read for a complete understanding.

An overview of proposed key changes to the Registering, Managing and Cancelling (RMC) Policy includes:

·   That .nz domain names can be registered at either the second or third level on a first-come, first served basis.

·   That there be one ‘go-live’ date where all registrations directly at the second level begin.*

·   That many Registrants will be offered Preferential Registration Eligibility* that allows them to register or reserve the equivalent of their domain name at the second level.

·   That those eligible to register/reserve the equivalent of their domain name do so during a Preferential Registration Period*- a 6-month term commencing at the policy’s ‘go-live’ date.

·   That the criteria for being eligible to register/reserve include:

o  Those with a unique third level domain name that was registered   before 9am 30 May 2012 (and which has been continuously registered).

o  Those with a unique third level domain name that was registered between 9am 30 May 2012 and 12.30pm on 11 October 2013 (and which has been continuously registered).*

·   That if names were registered in more than one second level domain (e.g. anyname.co.nz and anyname.org.nz) and were registered before 9am on 30 May 2012, DNCL will consider them conflicted names. Conflicted names will be processed via a nominated DNCL website.

·   That all registrations will be done via Registrars and all reservations and conflicts will be dealt with via DNCL.*

·   That, to avoid confusion, the names ‘gov’, ‘government’, ‘com’, ‘edu’ and ‘nic’ cannot be registered at the second level.*  

 Note: All points marked * indicate a change from DNCL’s May 2013 consultation paper on .nz registrations directly at the second level.

 The proposed key change to the Dispute Resolution Service (DRS) Policy is:

·   That the DRS now consider disputes over sub-domains where the domain name at the second level is a generic term.  An example of this would be anyname.shop.nz.

 Other minor policy changes that are necessary to support the change include:

·   Privacy Policy and WHOIS Policy – the list of information provided from a WHOIS search will include statuses reflecting options available under the proposed policy.

·  Change of Registrant Policy and Second Level Domains Policy – minor changes to clause 3.2 to reflect the new .nz structure;

·  Transfer to Another Registrar – minor change to clause 3.9 to reflect DRS processes;

·  Outline Document – minor changes to definitions and descriptions of policies to reflect the new structure of the .nz domain name space.  Specific references to third level names will be broadened to refer more generally to domain names.

DNCL has undertaken to do an awareness campaign around registrations directly at the second level.  As one part of this, DNCL proposes to enable the domain name www.anyname.nz prior to the policy’s actual ‘go-live’ date. This site will also be used to facilitate the reservation of .nz domain names at the second level and manage conflicted names.

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Submissions closed 5pm, Tuesday 11 March 2014 and are published below.

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Originally published Tuesday, 11 February 2014

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