New Second Level Domain - '' Approved

The Council of InternetNZ endorsed the creation of the new second level domain '' at its meeting on Friday 4 July. The decision is the penultimate step in a process which began with an application from Dean Pemberton, received in August 2002, proposing the creation of the new second level domain.

InternetNZ, the manager of '.nz', has since undertaken a major consultation with the wider Internet community which saw over 90% support for the new domain in a straw poll in March 2003, followed by a number of submissions, mostly in support of the proposal.

The date for the commencement of registrations in '' will be finalised following consultation with authorised .nz registrars, though it is likely to be in place before September 2003.

'' will be open for anyone to register a domain name in and will operate on the basis of "first come, first served", the standard practice for .nz registrations. InternetNZ expects that all current registrars of domain name registrations services in .nz will offer registrations under ''.

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