Latest version of RIK available

The latest version of the Registrar Implementation Kit (RIK) is available for download.

This contains the latest versions of all the .nz policies and procedures, the agreements and forms as well as version 0.0.7 of the technical component of the RIK. This version of the technical component can be downloaded separately.

Clause 6.13 of the Registrar Authorisation Agreement has been amended from the first version. This amendment clarifies that registrars need to ensure registrants actively accept Terms and Conditions, and that a record of the time and date of that acceptance is retained for future reference. A paper signed acceptance is not required.

Other documents have had their status updated to 'current'.

Information on the amendments to the technical component is noted in the Changelog in the file.

Please note: the current version of the RIK can be found at 

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