Final policies approved for .nz registrations at the second level

On Friday, March 21 2014 the DNCL Board approved the final versions of the Registering, Managing and Cancelling (RMC) and Dispute Resolution Service (DRS) policies, in addition to some minor policy changes, in relation to registrations at the second level.
These policies do not come into effect immediately, however notice will be given on our website in due course.
The amended RMC Policy can be found at
The amended DRS Policy can be found at
Other minor policy changes
  • Privacy Policy and WHOIS Policy – the list of information provided from a WHOIS search will include statuses reflecting options available under the proposed policy.
  • Change of Registrant Policy and Second Level Domains Policy – minor changes to clause 3.2 to reflect the new .nz structure;
  • Transfer to Another Registrar – minor change to clause 3.9 to reflect DRS processes;
  • Outline Document – minor changes to definitions and descriptions of policies to reflect the new structure of the .nz domain name space.  Specific references to third level names will be broadened to refer more generally to domain names.
The Board also approved the enabling of the domain name to facilitate an awareness campaign.
Submissions on the final consultation relating to these policy changes closed on Tuesday 11 March 2014 and can be read at

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