Final Request for Submissions for Proposal

At its May 2003 meeting the Council of InternetNZ unanimously approved in principle the creation of a new second level domain (2LD) - ''.

InternetNZ is now calling for formal submissions regarding the implementation of Submissions received by the Domain Name Commissioner of InternetNZ will be one of the aspects that InternetNZ will use to determine if this application will receive final approval.

Anyone who is interested in sending a submission is encouraged to read the application, which can be found at:

Submissions from the previous stage of the approval process can be found at:

Submission requirements

Anyone can present a submission on this stage of the application. Submissions documenting the author(s) opinions are encouraged regarding any implementation issues in relation to this proposal. Submissions are not restricted to individuals but can be from companies, groups etc. Anyone who is interested in making submission is invited to review the variety of solutions ICANN utilised when creating seven new TLDs in late 2000 at

For a submission to be acceptable it must be electronic and include the name of the author and any person or group that they are representing. Contact details also need to be provided and these will need to include a day-time contact number and postal address. Anonymous submissions will be disregarded.

All submissions received will be placed on this page of the DNC website. Contact details and address will be removed but the author(s) name will be listed.

Where to send submissions

Submissions are to be sent to [email protected].

Submissions can be made in any electronic format. Submissions will be put up on the DNC website in PDF format.


The deadline for submissions is midnight on Friday 20 June 2003. All submissions can be accessed from this story as they are placed online.

For information on the policy governing the creation of a new second level domain see

Next steps

The final decision will be made at the InternetNZ council meeting of Friday 4 July 2003 after a review of any submissions received by the Domain Name Commissioner.

Submissions Received:

Submissions received are listed in the order received, with the most recent submission at the top of the list. The linked documents are in .pdf format.

Joe Abley, Dean Pemberton, Andy Linton - 20 June 2003

Nigel Isaacs - 20 June 2003

Peter Belt - 10 June 2003

Laurence Zwimpfer - 03 June 2003

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