Consultation on Second Level Domains Policy Review

The submission period for this consultation is now closed. The current policy can be seen at

This policy was last reviewed over 2003-2004 when a Working Group put out papers for public consultation. These papers sought comment on a number of issues including introducing registrations in .nz at the second level and the process for creating a new second level domain.

The review resulted in changes to the process of creating a new second level domain but did not introduce .nz registrations at the second level. Since that last review, three new second level domains have been added to the .nz space -, and All three new second level domains are moderated ones.

There have been no new open 2LDs since back in 2003, under the previous policy. The 2LD Policy sets out the general rules regarding the structure of the .nz domain name space. Appendices to the policy provide the application forms for new 2LDs and a schedule of fees.

Currently the policy includes: •The list of open and moderated second level domains, defining the communities of interest reflected in the .nz 2LD structure •The criteria for new 2LDs and the process undertaken upon application for a new open or moderated second level domain •The procedure for closing an existing 2LD Submissions closed at midday on Wednesday 27 January 2010.


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