Authorisation of Registrars (AOR) Policy Review

The Domain Name Commission is reviewing its policy regarding the Authorisation of Registrars (AOR). The current policy can be seen at

This policy details the process that potential registrars must follow to gain authorisation from the Domain Name Commission ("DNC") in order to access the shared registry system ("SRS"), as per the Authorisation Agreement.

Based on the DNC experience in processing applications for authorisation, the following changes are proposed:

  • The addition of a clause allowing the DNC to require a period of up to 12 months operating as a 'formal reseller' to an authorised registrar prior to authorisation being confirmed
  • The addition of a clause allowing site visits prior to authorisation if requested by the DNC
  • The addition of a time limit for the registrar to connect to the production environment before the authorisation is terminated for non-use
  • Making the time limit retrospective for those organisations already authorised but not connected to production (though with discretion for those with a legitimate reason for not yet being connected)
  • Amending the application form to make the obligations and declarations clearer
  • Increasing the application fee to $3,000 plus GST, reflecting the time and cost spent on processing the applications

There will be a moratorium placed on new registrar applications whilst the review is underway. The moratorium will run for a maximum of two months.

Submissions closed at midday on Thursday 3rd July. All submissions are published on the DNC website at





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