.nz Policy Framework Review Consultation


The Domain Name Commission is proposing a simplification of the .nz policy framework that could see 13 of the 14 current polices replaced by three polices. Public comment is now sought on this simplification and modernisation of the .nz policy framework.

The consultation paper and draft proposed policies can be found below, with submissions due 11am Monday, 3 August 2015.

Following the most recent evolution in .nz policy to allow second level registrations, it is timely to review the policy framework as a whole to ensure it remains relevant to the current operation of .nz, and that it is also flexible enough to endure for another ten years or more.

The review seeks to simplify and modernise the policy framework around how .nz operates rather than change it. The general policy principles .nz operates to, and the way the current system operates, will continue largely unchanged.

The one area where there is a proposed change is around use of the .nz data. As part of this review, DNCL has been asked by InternetNZ to consider making allowance in the policy for use of .nz data by NZRS to offer new services. Up until this time the .nz policies have prevented DNS and other data being used for new services. Provision has been made in the policies drafted for public consultation to allow proposals for use of .nz data to be considered if they would serve the local Internet community.

In addition to seeking comments generally about the policies being consulted on, we would welcome any comments people may have on this particular aspect. It is important to note that DNCL will remain responsible for approving any use of .nz data for new services by NZRS or any other entity.

Proposed changes
It is proposed that there be four policies. This consultation seeks comments on three of these policies, as detailed in the consultation paper.

Comments are sought on the proposed amendment to the .nz policy framework, and where applicable on the detail of the policies themselves. If preferable you may choose to answer via these questions:

Would the proposed changes to the .nz policy framework be simpler for participants in the .nz Domain Name Space?

Are there any other changes or improvements to the .nz policy framework that you would like to suggest?

Are there any other comments you would like to make?

Consultation paper html | pdf

Draft Policy Development Policy html | pdf

Draft Principles and Responsibilities html | pdf

Draft Operations Policy html | pdf

Submissions closed at 11am, Monday 3 August 2015 and are published below.




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Originally published Thursday, 25 June 2015


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