.nz Domain Name Disputes

Does the .nz domain name space need an alternative dispute resolution process? This is a key question and one that InternetNZ would like your assistance to answer.

A couple of years ago, InternetNZ set up a Working Group to look into domain name dispute resolution in the .nz space (i.e. in relation to domain names ending in .nz). This group produced a draft report that can be found at http://www.internetnz.net.nz/public/working-group-reports/wg-domain-name-dispute-resolution/dndrwg011027discussion-paper.html.

A new registry system for the .nz domain name space has now been implemented, along with new .nz policies and procedures that govern the .nz space [which can be found at http://www.dnc.org.nz/story/30037-35-1.html], and so it is timely for the Working Group to work through to a final decision about dispute resolution for .nz domains.

As part of that process, InternetNZ through the DNC's office is seeking feedback from those who have had experience of dealing with domain name disputes. We want your input to assist the Working Group in evaluating whether there is an issue in New Zealand that needs to be addressed. If feedback shows there isn't currently a problem, then the status quo may remain.

Can you please complete this questionnaire as fully as possible. Information is being collected for statistical and evaluative purposes and only an overview of results will be published. Any detail provided in your response will be treated as confidential to the Working Group only and will not be publicised.

Please note that this questionnaire is not intended to be a full qualitative or quantitative survey. Results will be just part of various feedback that InternetNZ has and will continue to obtain in order to make a decision.

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