Welcome to the DNCL's COVID-19 information hub. COVID-19 (Coronavirus) is impacting all of New Zealand. Here are some key things to know about how the .nz domain name space is responding to this issue.

Current Approach (updated 8 September 2021)

Ivermectin Alert (7 September 2021)

Following the reported increases in online traffic regarding Ivermectin searching online and a surge in attempts to import this drug into New Zealand (seen and intercepted at the border), DNCL has been in touch with Medsafe. Medsafe has issued a safety alert on 6 September. 

To read the alert go to Risks of importing or prescribing ivermectin for prevention or treatment of COVID-19

In addition to the health warnings about this drug, DNCL note that there are many scam sites online that do not take account of the fact that medicines cannot be imported without authorisation from a prescriber. In addition, the online pharmacies space can attract scam vendors who may either be providing counterfeit pharmaceuticals or not deliver at all and some have been reported to us. If you are aware of any please report them to us via our enquiry form.   We recommend all consumers research websites before buying from them, know your rights before, during and after purchasing goods and services by considering the advice at

Our interim emergency and exceptional circumstances power that allows us to suspend domain names for fake registration details remains in place to assist in relation to suspension of suspicious .nz domain names.

2020 and 2021 approach 

In April and May 2020 we pre-validated COVID-19 related domain names and published these lists.

In 2021 we have taken a different approach to monitoring COVID-19 related domain names. We are instead working in partnership with CERTNZ to centrally coordinate the reporting and monitoring of COVID-19 related .nz domain names. More details about this initiative are at CERTNZ’s COVID-19 scam pages.

 Important background information: 

Other Information

At the Domain Name Commission, we're doing everything we can to keep .nz fair and safe for everyone during the global pandemic.

Our contact Centre can be reached at +64 4 472 1600 or live chat Monday to Friday 9 am -4 pm five days a week.

We also have “Dot” our chatbot working 24/7 seven days a week. We also are encouraging people to email us their enquiries and reports of domain name registration abuse to [email protected].

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