Simon Lyall Port 43 WHOIS Submission

Received: 20 January 2018 

In March 2017 I was working with a large New Zealand company to consolidate a couple of hundred .nz domains the company owns. These domains had been registered by various people within the company (and related entities) with different registrars, using all sorts of names, email and physical addresses. We had a list of domains but needed to get details such as email addresses and registrars though which we could work though. The best way to obtain this data was though whois. Unfortunatel, the query limits made it difficult to get this data.

I asked NZRS and they were only able to suggest going via an existing registrar which was difficult since we had not yet selected a final vendor to consolidate to. In the end we spun up a few ec2 instances and made the queries which got us what we needed. However this was very much a hack and not a useful way to get things done. I also note that even 10 months later one of the IPs we used is still blocked by whois. I note that the recent letter from the NZRS (24 Nov 2017) indicates that the existing limits are not blocking the "bad" people while at the same time causing inconvenience for casual users.

I would like to see:

1. Ability of "home" users to be able to do at least 20 whois queries within a short time. It is very easy to need these many queries when search for a possible domain name for a business or project.
2. A way for companies and other people to get the ability to make bulk queries (like I needed above) of hundreds (or thousands) of domains they own via a simple process and dealing directly with NZRS.
3. Blocks against IPs should go away in a reasonable period, weeks at the most.

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