FreeParking and Discount Domains Outage (29/09/2023)

The Domain Name Commission was made aware that FreeParking and Discount Domains were experiencing an outage on Friday, 29th September 2023.

We have been advised that services have been restored, and the situation is currently being monitored. 

Previous Updates:

As of (9th October 2023), we have requested additional information from FreeParking and Discount Domains regarding the situation. 

As of 1:34 PM today (29th September 2023), we were advised that registrants can start using their control panel to manage their domain names. Please use your control panel to make any changes needed.

As of 1.51 PM today (29th September 2023), we were advised that the networking has been restored and everything is returning to normal; FreeParking and Discount Domains are continuing to monitor the issue.

Status Updates:

For FreeParking, the status is outlined here,

For Discount Domains, the status is outlined here.

If you need any further assistance, contact your domain name provider. If your domain name provider is unable to resolve the situation, please contact the Domain Name Commission via [email protected].

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