.nz WHOIS review - Second consultation

This consultation closed on Friday 29 January 2016.  

Second stage

For the second stage of the review, DNCL focused on the "how" and "what" of WHOIS.  In particular, comment was sought on the information disclosed in response to a WHOIS search, who disclosures should be made to and how information should be provided.

Currently the .nz WHOIS information includes:

  • Registrant contact name and contact details
  • Admin contact name and contact details
  • Technical contact name and contact details
  • Domain name details including date of registration, status and whether the name is locked or DNSSEC signed
  • Name servers
  • Registrar information

(The WHOIS record for dnc.org.nz is included below for your reference.)

There is no provision currently to hide registrant information. There is also no differentiation on the data provided to different parties with all who undertake a WHOIS query obtaining the same output.

The key question for the second consultation was:

“Should the current range of data continue to be provided for a WHOIS search on the same basis as it is now?”

In considering this, submitters to the public consultation were asked to reflect on how any change may impact them including:

  • Should there be a different approach for registrants who are individuals over where an organisation is the registrant?
  • Should there be a different approach for when the domain name is being used in trade, regardless of whether the registrant is an individual or an organisation?
  • Should the registrant name always be shown but the contact details withheld in certain circumstances?
  • Should registrants be able to hide their identity behind a proxy registration?
  • If any data is withheld from publication on a WHOIS record:
    - what information should be withheld?
    - what should be the criteria to withhold the information?
    - who should decide if a name meets those criteria?
    - what should be the criteria to enable the withheld information to be released?
    - who should decide if an application to obtain the information meets those criteria?

Respondents were also free to comment on any aspect of the .nz WHOIS policy.

Public meetings were held in Christchurch, Auckland and Wellington, along with an online meeting.  Information on these can be read at https://www.dnc.org.nz/onlinemeeting.

All comments received for the first round of consultation were also considered as part of this second stage of the review.

This consultation closed on Friday 29 January 2016.  

WHOIS output for dnc.org.nz

Originally published Tuesday, 17 November 2015


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