Port 43 requirements consultation

Consultation Update:  At the DNCL Board meeting on 22 February 2018 the board considered the submissions from the Port 43 WHOIS Requirements Consultation

The board resolved that the Port 43 WHOIS will be reduced in the information that it returns. The Port 43 WHOIS will no longer show contact details of Registrant, Admin or Technical contacts or the date billed until information.

​​​​​​​PLEASE NOTE: This consultation closed at Midday 5 February 2018

The DNCL has recently received a letter from NZRS Ltd (You can read the letter here), who operate the .nz registry including the .nz DNS and the .nz Port 43 WHOIS. The letter raises issues of how the Port 43 WHOIS is used to obtain information about .nz domain names.

The Port 43 WHOIS is the single authoritative source of data for all .nz WHOIS queries, and so any change made to the Port 43 WHOIS will affect the response provided by WHOIS services, web-based or otherwise, for .nz domain names.

The letter outlines NZRS’ concerns and contains a suggestion for an alternative mechanism for publishing registrant details. DNCL understands some of the concerns raised.  Privacy is taken seriously in .nz and was one of the considerations in the recently completed WHOIS review that resulted in an Individual Registrant Privacy Option being introduced. DNCL is aware, however, that Port 43 is widely used by a range of different people and organisations and wants to understand what impact any change in the use of Port 43 might have on people.

This consultation is to ask for comment around the views expressed by NZRS in its letter. We are particularly interested to hear from users of Port 43 about why and how they use Port 43 to obtain WHOIS data and what impact, if any, any change in that service might mean.  We also seek comment on what, if any, policy changes could be adopted should any significant changes be made to Port 43, to mitigate the impact for specific users or uses.

Please note that this consultation relates to the .nz Port 43 WHOIS only. It does not impact on the information collected or published around .nz registrations, just on how the information may be obtained.  The policy arising from the recently completed review applies and can be seen here and the policies can be seen here

Submissions are published below as they are received, with the most recent at the top. If you wish for your submission to be published anonymously, please make a note in the email subject line.

Submissions close midday 5 February 2018. You can make submissions to policies@dnc.org.nz or in writing to Domain Name Commission, Port 43 Consultation, PO Box 11 881 Wellington, 6142, New Zealand. If mailing, please ensure your submission will be received by DNCL by midday, Monday 5 February 2018.


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